Healing from trauma is at the heart of any therapy. Trauma may be caused by past and current events such as abuse of any kind, a car accident, rape, war, involvement in a natural disaster, a health scare such as a heart attack, or something involving hospitalisation. Any such major event which is experienced as life-threatening, whether to ourselves or someone close to us, is perhaps what springs to mind in association with experiencing trauma.

However trauma can also be caused from apparently minor past events in childhood and also from relatively common life events, such as parents divorce, a parents illness or addictions, death of a parent or sibling, death of a beloved pet. In fact any loss or bereavement amongst many other traumatic events which we may experience.

Trauma and the effects of trauma can effect us many years later and can appear as both psychological and physiological symptoms. These can include, amongst others:

panic attacks
low self-esteem and self-worth

I use Psychotherapy with Brainspotting to help clients suffering from the effects of trauma. Talking to a therapist about difficult thoughts, feelings, events and experiences can help you move on in your life.

Brainspotting was developed by David Grand and is used to treat the effects of trauma. See content/uploads/2011/10/Brainspotting-Copyright-David-Grand-Ph.D..pdf