Anxiety, Depression and Stress…

Anxiety, depression and stress are 3 of the most common mental health issues in the UK today. Together these issues cost the UK millions of pounds in lost income and in treatment.

I believe that anxiety, depression and stress are curable. Although these are the most commonly experienced mental health problems in the UK today, psychotherapy can treat these very difficult issues.

In my experience, most people come into therapy with some form of depression, anxiety or stress. There is always an underlining reason, even if you are not aware of it. These reasons include: having experienced a traumatic incident in your past such as abuse or abandonment; because you are dealing with a particularly difficult and toxic person in your life; or you are experiencing a particularly difficult time in your life right now, such as redundancy, miscarriage, breakup of a relationship, etc.

Our job in therapy is to help you understand your experience and gain insight. From there you can make any changes you would like to help you feel better. Therapy also helps to address and work through any difficult or traumatic experiences which have contributed to how you feel so that you do not experience depression, anxiety or stress again.